Thursday, May 9, 2013

Reasons why Spiderman is the most UNIQUE superhero

From the two biggest comic book franchises - DC and MARVEL - we've been introduced to a number of awesome superheros with breathtaking powers and gripping story lines.  In this article I'd like to bring to your attention a few points which makes Spidey-the undisputed mascot of the MARVEL universe- the most UNIQUE superhero ever! He's not the strongest, or the most powerful. He doesn't have super intelligence nor is he the most experienced superhero. In fact he's not half as intimidating as many of the other superheroes in his league(Superman and Batman for eg.). And yet we all love him unconditionally. He is, even today considered as Stan Lee's masterpiece. Ever since his first appearance he has been idolized by millions of comic book fans all over the world. His movies were sensational hits. And now as the sequel to "The Amazing Spiderman" is in the works, let me remind you of why Peter Parker's alter ego is so irresistibly likable.

1.His powers

Around the time Spiderman was created  the main powers that the fans were familiar with were flight, super-strength, super-intelligence, invisibility, elasticity, telepathy, super-speed etc. Stan Lee decided to ignore this cliched array of superpowers when he gifted Spiderman with the ability to climb walls, shoot webs and gave him the proportionate strength & speed of a spider. This along with his spider sense gave Spidey a range of really cool and moreover, a really unique set of skills. Even today, years after his inception one cant think of many superheroes who share similar abilities.

2.He's a teenager

Spiderman was probably the first teenage superhero. All the other characters of the time were aged around their 20s and 30s. This again helped create a bigger fanbase for Spidey as more people found it a lot more easier and  interesting to relate to thoughts and problems of a teenage boy. 

3.His costume

Something that nobody ever gives Spiderman enough credit for. The other heroes in his league, you will find, are wearing capes and/or a mask that covers half their face. Spiderman's skin tight costume which covers his entire body and face is perfect for him because shooting webs while swinging along buildings just wouldn't be as fun to watch if he was wearing a cape! Again, during the time a mask that covers the whole face wasn't exactly thought of as a winning idea, but it worked perfectly for Spidey. His red and blue costume with web designs and the spider logo in his chest may not be the most iconic symbol in the comic world, but then again Stan Lee proved that not all superheroes have to be.

4.Rogues gallery

Spiderman has arguably the best set of villains in the Marvel universe. And a close second to Batman's rogue gallery in the comic world. And yes, I know that the uniqueness of his villains doesn't exactly add to his uniqueness, but I thought it was a point worth mentioning. From the psychopathic Green Goblin to the sinister Lizard, Spiderman has a very interesting set of opponents, each with his/her unique abilities and background stories.


Another point that nobody ever seems to give Spidey any credit for. Whenever the words "realistic" and "superhero" are used together in a sentence, it usually ends with the word "Batman". Now I'm not saying I have anything against Batman (on the contrary, he's my all time favorite) , but sometimes I feel like his realism is a bit...overrated? Something about a guy who is determined enough to let the death of his parents turn him into the ultimate crime-fighter is hard to digest. Spiderman's origin story, although a bit similar, has always felt more realistic to me.


Yes you can watch superheroes flying, chasing airplanes and missiles, running at lightning speed, lifting things that are ten times their weight. But when it comes to watching them on the big screen, very few scenes are as satisfying as watching Spiderman shooting webs and swinging through New York city. He can pass through the most narrow spaces, ha can glide under vehicles...yep, these are just little things. But sometimes, it's the little things that are the most visually stimulating.


"You've found my's small knives. Anything but knives!"

Peter Parker has a sense of humor.  Stan Lee proved that not all superheroes have to be grim and serious all the time. And since he's a teenager, the fact that he takes very few things seriously only adds to the realism of his character. Even in the comics, it was always fun to watch a superhero getting on the nerves of his villains.

8."With great power comes great responsibility"

Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are millionaires. Clark Kent is an alien. Thor is a semi-God. Steve Rogers is a soldier. Peter a nerd. Apart from the fact that he has spider powers, there is nothing extraordinary about this kid! Peter reacts to situations in the same way as any clueless teenage boy would react. And for this reason I feel that if I were to have super powers, Spidey would be the character I would most resemble. Confused, irresponsible, clumsy, imperfect...REAL.

I hope these points help you realize why Spidey even with his lack of experience and aggression is in the top 3(along with Supes and Bats, obviously) list of superheroes. Agree with my points? Feel free to leave a comment!


  1. What I do love about Spidey is the Agility and the part where he has to think to bring down his enemy..Just Imagine you being spiderman....its not easy to swing here and there..If you know what I mean..great blog GREAT BLOG!! Hi5


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