Saturday, June 15, 2013

Man Of Steel REVIEW

Ever had one of those moments when something you'd been fantasizing about for a very long time is crippled and broken to pieces right in front of your eyes? Well, yesterday I had one of those moments watching the much awaited Man Of Steel. First, let me finish the shorter task of mentioning the things I liked about this movie. Krypton. The way they portrayed Kal-El's home planet was awesome. Russel Crowe was easily the most impressive of the cast, portraying Jor-El. His acting made up for the poor scripting of the character. The graphics, the action, Hans Zimmer's BGM...a few of the other things I liked about the movie.

Now moving on to the more laborious task. The movie starts off slow. And when I say slow, I mean so slow you'll ask yourself if you're actually watching a Superman movie. But you know, thats ok. Because a superhero origin story needs to start off slow. Especially when its the potential starter of a trilogy.  But slow doesn't mean it has to be uninteresting. Man of steel after the first twenty minutes, starts to get really boring. After the first half of the movie, I was heartbroken. Hoping, praying that the second half would be better. It was. But not by far. The story of Superman is simple. And yet, Zack Snyder somehow manages to tell the tale in such a way that after the end of the movie the viewer is left with more questions than answers. There are many unnecessary plotholes in the script which could have been easily avoided. 

Henry Cavill is perfect in appearance to play Superman. Not so bad with the acting either. But I noticed many crucial moments in the movie where he was rather emotionless.(eg. When he meets his father Jor-El for the first time). Amy Adams as Lois Lane was a huge disappointment for me. The character is boring and cliched. There is absolutely no chemistry between the two actors and the scenes between them feels way too cheesy. Lois Lane's character has been given way too much importance in the movie. Maybe that would've been okay if the actress was someone who could actually act! Michael Shannon as General Zod looks menacing and powerful. I expected better dialogues from the villain but he was still entertaining to watch. All in all, the movie was a letdown. Or maybe that's the disappointed fanboy inside me talking. Maybe if I had expected less, it would've been satisfactory. But even the mindblowing action scenes in the end and the very climax itself(which had a slight Nolan touch to it) couldn't save this reboot. Man Of Steel is watchable and gets really immersive towards the end, but overall its a poor origin story for what could have been a very epic trilogy.


  1. Good review, I felt exactly the same way about the movie. The non-linear narrative was unecessary, a simple tale of an outcast trying to fit in and they made it so complicated for no reason. The only other high point I can think of is that the costume does not have red underwear

    1. Haha yeh...and thanks! Sorry for late reply :P