Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Wolverine REVIEW

"The Wolverine" attempts to give you a more tough, a more ruthless Wolverine. An improved version that is more similar to the source comic material so that we can forget that the "X Men Origins Wolverine" ever happened. And is the movie successful in this attempt? To an extend, yes. The movie is about a wandering Logan, constantly tortured by visions about his lost love Jean Grey, loathing the healing factor which has proved to be more of a curse than a boon. In comes an old acquaintance with a very tempting offer. The premise of the movie is interesting, but the movie does suffer from some flaws. 

The first half of the movie starts off at a fast pace, reaches a certain point and then seems to be stuck there till the intermission. The train scene is probably one of the best action sequences I've seen in superhero movies, fun and innovative. But just as the movie starts to get a little boring the second half begins and kicks up the pace. What I loved about this movie is that it has the best version of Wolverine that we have ever seen on the big screen. Hugh Jackman has a lot of moments where he successfully portrays the true badass nature of the character. What I didn't like was that except for the main character, none of the others seemed to have any character development at all. Also I disliked how Logan has a romantic moment with Mariko(a girl he ends up protecting) especially when he was so frequently having hallucinations about Jean Grey. It seemed a bit too cheesy for my taste. Also I felt the ending could've been made better. The main villain of the movie gets no development at all, until the very end when its a bit too late.

The action sequences go from immerse to awesome and the whole Tokyo background keeps the movie fresh and unique when compared to the other X Men movies. But the scene that really took my breath away was the after-credits scene. Its a pity that from the whole movie, the scene that was most memorable was the one after the credits. Even with all its faults, The Wolverine is a pretty decent portrayal of the character's journey and definitely deserves to be appreciated.  And now I feel more excited than ever for "Days of future past". High hopes, people. High hopes.

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