Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 REVIEW

Amazing Spider-Man 2, the long awaited sequel starts off with a slow pace. The first half seems at times out of focus, primarily because the movie tries to juggle more than just one storyline. There's Peter Parker desperately trying to figure out the truth about his parents, while at the same time trying to figure out if the promise he gave to Gwen's father(that he would not get her involved in Spider-Man's life)  is worth keeping. There's Max Dillon, a sad, lonely worker at Oscorp, who happens to idolize Spidey. There's Harry Osborne trying to find a cure for the deadly sickness that he has inherited from his father. No wonder they decided to save Mary Jane's intro for the 3rd movie! How all of these stories get interconnected, is the basic plot of the film.

Almost every technical aspect of the movie is impressive. The camera angles with Spidey flying rooftop to rooftop and the action scenes with a rather interesting style of BGM keep you hooked. The cast also turns out to be amazing with a few noteworthy dialogues here and there. Andrew Garfield gives one of his best performances yet, while the supporting cast also play their part well. But what I was most impressed by was the lead actress. Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy is flawless. She manages to bring in the right emotions at the right time, whether its humour or romance.The slight dullness of the 1st half is made up for in the 2nd half with lots of fast paced action. This is one movie every superhero fan definetely needs to watch. Better than it's predecessor in every way.
For those of you who haven't watched the movie, the review ends here. Incoming spoilers!


I admit, I had my doubts about how they were going to do Gwen Stacy's death. But this scene, for me was absolutely perfect. Although its not exactly the way it was in the comics, I could actually feel my heart break when Gwen landed on the pavement with a thud. The reason why it has such an impact on the viewer is because the director, Marc Webb made sure that the depth of their relationship was established in the first half. The fact that the two actors had great chemistry made it all the more effective. Truly one of Marvel's most tragic moments brought to screen in a splendid way. 

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